Science is really complicated, but we insist on...

making it simple

Our Company

What We Do

Established in 2008, 4th Dimension Biomedical Research Communications (4DBRC) is a complete biomedical research communications consulting agency. 

We assist primary investigators, medical researchers, CME organizations, granting agencies and health authorities with their biomedical and / or health communication needs. 

We can help you achieve your goals regardless of the stage or your project. 

Our Services

  • Assistance with NIH, CIHR and private agency grants,
  • Manuscript writing and editing,
  • Conference agendas, reviews and synopses
  • Ethics (IRB & REB) consultations,
  • Mentoring  & Coaching for post-graduate programs.

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Marie-Térèse Little

Ph.D. - trained medical researcher with 

expertise in medical ethics and 

​oncological research including over 25 years of medical research experience. 

As a scientist, Dr. Little has the Innate ability to distill complex bio-medical and scientific information into meaningful, clear, and comprehensible messages and communiqués.

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